Green Acres Landscaping & Nursery

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Mon.-Fri. 9am to 6pm
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We are a full service garden center, landscape design and installation service. We’ve been serving Liberty Township and Butler County for over 15 years. We are centrally located in this fast-growing and thriving community.

Lots of Flowers and Plants Available for Your Garden!

  • Landscaping Design

We offer complete landscape design and installation service.

  • Garden Center

Our garden center staff can assist you in planning and selecting plants for that landscape project you've been wanting to do.

  • Bulk Materials

Choose from bulk mulches, straw, shredded topsoil, sand, gravel and limestone.

  • Large Selection of Tree & Shrubs

We offer West Chester and Liberty Township's largest selection of trees and shrubs. We have an extensive variety of shade, ornamental and blooming trees ranging in size from container trees up to 4” caliper balled and burlap trees.

  • Spring Clean-Up

To freshen your landscape for the new season. Mulching, edging, pruning and trimming will make your outdoor space come alive.